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Adopted Codes List

All code books are available from the model code organizations and are available for review at the office of The Metropolitan Clerk.

List of code editions adopted by the Metro Government:

NFPA 101 is to be used in addition to the 2012 International Fire Code for new and existing State of Tennessee and Metropolitan Government of Nashville owned buildings, and for the following new and existing occupancies as defined in the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code 2012 edition:

  1. Educational occupancies
  2. Day Care occupancies
  3. Residential board and care occupancies
  4. Health Care occupancies.

1998 Metropolitan Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance***

* See Chapter 16 of Metro Code of Laws for local code amendments.
** See Chapter 10 of Metro Code of Laws for adopted and local amendments.
*** See Chapter 17 of Metro Code of Laws for zoning text.