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Short Term Rental Property Permit Renewal

Short Term Rental Property permits are only valid for 365 days and must be renewed annually before the current permit expiration date. Owners are responsible for filing a timely renewal application.

To Renew a Short Term Rental Property permit, you may either:

  1. Bring all of the following to the Metro Codes Department before the permit’s expiration date:
    1. $313.00 annual fee (as of July 1, 2019), which must be paid in full at time of renewal.
    2. Signed and notarized affidavit
  2. Allow time for processing and approval.


  1. Mail the following to:
    Metro Department of Codes and Building Safety
    STRP Permit Renewal
    P.O. Box 196350
    Nashville, TN 37219-6350
    1. Check for the $313.00 (as of July 1,2019) annual fee.
    2. Signed and notarized affidavit.
  2. Allow time for processing, determination of renewal eligibility, and approval.
  3. Such mail must be received by the Metro Codes Department before the permit’s expiration date.

These permits do not transfer between owners or between properties. Any change of ownership renders the permit invalid, this includes moving the property from a person to a trust or LLC, or vice-versa. A new application must be filed if the new owner wants a Short Term Rental Property permit.

Permit holders will not receive a new permit once renewed. The existing permit will be extended an additional year from the initial issued date.

Questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions.