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Short Term Rental Property Permit Types

Owners of Short-Term Rental Properties (STRPs), are required by the Metropolitan Government to obtain an operating permit.

Short term rental property (STRP) – Owner-Occupied

  • Owner-occupied residence or on a lot with an owner-occupied residence.
  • Includes the rental of an entire dwelling unit to a single party of individuals, or
  • If only part of the unit, includes at a minimum one sleeping room and a bathroom, and is limited to a single party of individuals.
  • Owner-occupied status must be confirmed by two documents showing that the owner in fact occupies this as their primary residence. Acceptable documents may include a Tennessee driver’s license, State of Tennessee ID card, Davidson County voter registration card, pay stub, work ID or badge, IRS W2 form, or bank statement.
  • Such documentation of primary residence address must match the deed as recorded with the Davidson County Clerk's office.
  • To qualify for an owner-occupied permit, the owner of the property must be a natural person or persons. LLCs, corporations, trusts, partnerships, joint ventures and other entities are ineligible for owner-occupied permits.
  • Only one permit shall be issued per lot in single-family and two-family zoning districts.
  • The property ownership of two-family units cannot be divided. They shall be owned by the same person and one of the two units shall be the primary residence of the owner.

Short term rental property (STRP) – Not Owner-Occupied

  • Are not owner-occupied or on a lot with an owner-occupied principal residence.
  • Rentals are limited to a single party of individuals.
  • Ownership information on the application must match the deed as recorded with the Davidson County Clerk's office.
  • New not owner-occupied permits will only be issued as a use permitted with conditions (PC) in RM2 through RM20-A, RM40 through RM100-A, MUN and MUN-A, MUL and MUL-A, MUG and MUG-A, MUI and MUI-A, OG, OR20 through OR40-A, ORI and ORI-A, CN and CN-A, CL and CL-A, CS and CS-A, CA, CF, DTC North, DTC South, DTC-West, DTC Central, SCN, SCC and SCR zoning districts.
  • Permits for Specific Plan (SP) zoned properties or properties within a Planned Unit Development (PUD) will be issued only if allowed by the SP or PUD. Please contact the Metro Planning Commission for questions regarding the conditions of the SP or PUD, or 615-862-7190.
  • New not owner-occupied permits are not permitted in R or RS zoned properties. Existing permit holders in these zoned districts may be eligible to apply for renewals, but those permits are not transferable if the property is sold.