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Public Works

Public Works Permits

Permits for Activities within the Metro Nashville Right-of-Way

Permit Types and Associated Fees

Credit/Debit Card Transaction Fee

Metropolitan Ordinance # BL 2008-218 was enacted to repeal Ordinance # BL 2001-777 in its entirety. Based on this legislative action, a convenience fee will be added to all credit and debit card transactions processed by the Metropolitan Davidson County Public Works Department. The fee of 2.3% is assessed by the electronic processing company and no part of the fee goes to Metro.

Select the permit type from the following list for applications and fees information.

Pavement Assessment

Penalty for cutting a street that has been paved within the last five (5) years.

  • Permit fee: $500 + 20% of total cost to restore pavement

Trench Cut

Fee for excavation when the width is 6' or less

Surface Cut

Fee for excavation when the width is greater than 6'

Excavation (Flat Fee)

Fee for excavation that is less than 50' in length or 6 square yards

Lane Closure

Fee for closing a lane or traffic for construction purposes or special events

Street Closure

Fee for closing street temporary for construction purposes or special events

Driveway Permit

Fee for right of way activity relating to the maintenance or installation of a commercial or residential driveway

Sidewalk Closure

Fee for closing sidewalk for construction purposes or special events

Parking Loading Zone

Fee for parking in a loading zone for loading & unloading for more than time allotted by the Traffic & Parking Commission


Fee for any aerial, underground, or building (including awning, sign, canopy, fiber optic cable, etc.) that encroaches on metro right of way

Sidewalk Café

Apply for a sidewalk café or outdoor dining permit (include site address and seating plan):

Trailer / Dumpster

Fee for placing a trailer, dumpster, or storage units in the right of way

Permanent Street Closure

Street Renaming

Permit Office Contact Information

720 S. Fifth Street
Nashville, TN 37206

Email Public Works Permits
Phone: 615-862-8782