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Metro Nashville Event Permit Application

Parade Permit

A parade permit is needed if your event involves a procession, run, walk, bike ride or similar type of event. If your event additionally includes a post run/race/ride celebration on public property, you will also need to complete a special event permit application.

Special Event Permit

A special event permit is needed if your event is a festival, concert, block party or similar type of event that involves any of the following: closing a street, restricting access to public property, sale of merchandise, food or beverage, erection of a tent larger than 400 square feet, installation of a stage, band shell, grandstand, bleacher, trailer, van or portable toilets for public use.

Permit Application Process

  1. Complete and submit the event permit application below. NOTE - Completing the application does not guarantee your event will be approved. All events are required to obtain a Street, Lane or Sidewalk Closure application and comply with all the requirements of that permit. Depending on your event, you may need to obtain additional permits or meet additional requirements.
  2. A permit application fee of $330.00 will be required for a Special Event application and permit application fee of $100 for a Parade Permit application. If your event will include both a parade and an event, you will need to submit a $430 fee for both permit applications. You will also be required to pay a Right of Way Permit application fee of $100.  Make check payable to Metro Government. Please note that these fees are not refundable. The completed Event Permit Application will be distributed to representatives in the relevant Departments of Metro Government (Special Event Committee).
  3. Applications can be submitted no more than one year prior to the event and no less than 45 days before the event date. Applications submitted less than 45 days before the event date will be denied.
  4. Department representatives will also list any permits and/ or prerequisites required by their department.
  5. Most events will require a meeting of relevant Metro Departments and the event organizer.
  6. If your event requires a parade permit, the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) representative and the Metro Public Works (MPW) representatives will approve the route or make adjustments.
  7. Metro Public Works will determine if streets need to be closed as well as where barricades and/or cones will need to be used.
  8. MNPD and MPW representatives will determine the number of required police officers/security officers the event organizer will be responsible for hiring.
  9. All additional permits and requirements must be submitted to the Special Events office no later than two weeks prior to the event. Failure to submit all additional permits and requirements two weeks prior to the event will result in the denial of an event permit. Once the event organizer obtains all necessary permits and additional requirements, the Special Events Office will issue a Special Event Permit and/or the Metro Nashville Police Chief will issue a Parade Permit.

Event Permit Application

Event Permit Application
Type of Application

NOTE: If your post-race celebration is in the street or on public property (excluding Metro Parks property), you will additionally need a special event permit.

Event Name

Contact Information

Event Description

Event Setup

Event Setup/Assembly Schedule

Event Time Schedule

Event Breakdown/Disbanding Schedule

When will all event elements be removed and streets/sidewalks or government property open to vehicles and pedestrians?

Street Closures

Food and Beverages

Entertainment, Stages, and Tents

Utilities and Portable Restrooms

Security Contractor

Emergency Plans

Waste Management Plan - All Events Are Required to Recycle

Electronic Signature

All information in this application and the enclosed site map is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if any changes are made to the site layout, I must submit a revised site map to the Mayor's Office of Film and Special Events. Each revision will be approved and stamped by the Fire Marshal's Office and returned to me. I also understand that any changes made to the site layout which occur during event set up or during the actual event, must also be approved by the Mayor's Office of Film and Special Events, the Fire Department, and the Fire Marshal's Office. Approval will require a representative from at least one of the above offices visiting the event site to approve the changes.

I understand that not following any of the above may result in a fine of up to five hundred dollars ($500.00).

By typing my name as an electronic signature, I agree to all the terms and conditions that may apply to the EVENT permitting process and agree that all information contained in this application is true and correct to my knowledge.

Agreements and Approvals
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