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Water Services

Water Services Assistance and Protection Programs

We realize that our customers sometimes have extenuating circumstances regarding water needs and payment abilities. To help ease this burden, we've developed the following payment and assistance programs, as well as extension policies.

For more information about these programs, contact Metro Water Services at 615-862-4600.


Seasonal Sewer Billing / Sprinkler Adjustments

Sewer charges are calculated based on the amount of water used under most circumstances. An exception is made for residential customers during the months of April through November, when water is used to sprinkle lawns or wash cars. Since water used for these purposes does not go into the sewer, sewer service charges for residential bills are automatically adjusted during these months to reflect a “sprinkler credit.” The winter quarter average (January, February, and March) plus 30 percent will be the maximum sewer charges billed.

Water leak adjustments

If you are concerned about leaks in your plumbing system, contact us at 615-862-4600 and a field representative can assist in determining if there is a leak. If a concealed leak has occurred, customers should contact a customer service representative after repairs have been made. You may be eligible for an adjustment, as outlined in Metro Water Services policy.

Deferred Due Date Program

This program permits qualified residential and not-for-profit commercial customers to extend their payment date, with payment due on the eighth day of the month following the billing date or 15 days from the bill date, whichever provides the most number of days to pay the bill. This allows qualified customers to delay payment until after they receive one of the benefits covered under this program, which include:

  • Social security benefits
  • Service pension benefits
  • Retirement benefits
  • Monthly payments (non-wages or salary) from local, state or federal governmental agencies

To qualify for this program, residential customers must:

  • Be a bona fide recipient of one of the benefits listed above
  • Request only a primary residence
  • Have an account in good standing at time of the application

Not-for-profit commercial customers must:

  • Provide proof of 501(c)(3) status
  • Have an account in good standing at time of the application


Water and Sewer Service Line Protection

Aging pipes, invasive tree roots, and even seasonal changes can cause a break to your water line or a blockage to your sewer line running through your property. Many Nashville homeowners are not aware that repairs to these lines (known as service lines) are their responsibility and are often not covered by homeowners' insurance. Therefore, Metro Water Services has partnered with American Water Resources to offer service line protection programs to protect homeowners like you from such unexpected expenses.

Critical Care Customer

Although Metro Water Services cannot guarantee that there will be no disruption of services, we are committed to minimizing the impact to customers with medical needs dependent on water service. To qualify for this program, you must provide evidence that a service interruption would compromise either medical patient services or cause potential damage to water dependent operating systems.

Food Safety Modernization Act

While Metro Water Services cannot guarantee that there will be no disruption of services, we understand the necessity of consistent and uninterrupted service for facilities/plants providing food processing services and therefore maintain a National Food Safety Modernization Act database. This database is used to contact businesses of unplanned service interruptions which could compromise food safety. We recommend that you apply for your facility/plant to be added to this database if you have not already done so.

Food Safety Modernization Act Form

Identity Theft Prevention Program

Metro Water Services respects and protects the privacy of our customers. The Identity Theft Prevention Program details response actions for Metro Water Services personnel if the personnel have observed a “red flag” indicating a possible instance of identity theft.