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Film and Special Events Permits

The Office of Film and Special Events oversees the coordination and permitting process for all filming, special events, parades and street banners in the Nashville and Davidson County area. Events that require street closures or the involvement of Metro Government Departments require specific permits.

Event Permit (Festival, Run, Walk, Parade, etc.)

Parade Permit

A parade permit is needed if your event involves a procession, run, walk, bike ride or similar type of event. If your event additionally includes a post run/race/ride celebration on public property, you will also need to complete a special event permit application.

Special Event Permit

A special event permit is needed if your event is a festival, concert or similar type of event that involves any of the following: closing a street, restricting access to public property, sale of merchandise, food or beverage, erection of a tent larger than 400 square feet, installation of a stage, band shell, grandstand, bleacher, trailer, van or portable toilets for public use.

Parade and Special Event Permit Application

Block Party

A block party is a small neighborhood event for residents in the immediately community. Neighborhood groups interested in hosting a block party can apply for a street closure permit from the Public Works Permit Office to allow for unrestricted pedestrian traffic in the roadway. No stationary items like food trucks, tents, bouncy houses, etc. can be setup in the street. Groups interested in holding a block party can contact the Permit Office at 615-862-8782 or

John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge Usage

John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge Closure Policy and Usage Agreement

Film Permit

Street Pole Banner Program

Street Pole Banner Program Information and Application

Permit Resources

Street Closures


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Fire Marshal

Food Sales

Temporary Food Sales


Sample Insurance Form


Metro Parks Event Permit Application

Waste and Recycling

Service Providers

Search for Service Providers (event organizers, security companies, staging and more)


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Public Works Permits Office - Film

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