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Police Department

Aviation Unit

Photo of Sgt. Kurt Knapp

Sgt. Kurt Knapp
Special Operations Division
Tactical Operations Section
Aviation Unit
2715 B Tucker Road
Nashville, Tennessee 37218
Sgt. Kurt Knapp, Biography

black and white Police badge

The Metro Nashville Police Department Aviation Unit currently utilizes sworn officer pilots and civilian pilots to include supervisors who are also pilots. The unit also has full time mechanics on duty for repairs, inspections, and other maintenance activities. The unit also has an in-house flight instructor. (CFI) Having this capability is cost-effective and time saving; giving the unit the ability to do in-house training.

Aviation crews respond to over two thousand (2,000) calls for service each year. These calls include searches for lost children, escaped prisoners, fleeing felons, vehicle pursuits, vice operations, drug eradications, robberies, burglaries and searches for victims of murder or suicide. The Aviation Unit will respond to any call for service that is better handled by the performance of an aerial equipment platform.

helicopter flying over US flag

In 1990, the Metro Nashville Police Department’s Aviation Unit purchased McDonnell Douglas 500E helicopters. The 500E helicopters are equipped with turbine jet engines. Their top speed is over 150 mph. They can sustain a cruising speed of approximately 130 mph.

McDonnell Douglass helicopters McDonnell Douglass helicopter in flight

The department acquired the Bell OH58A/C helicopters through a government sponsored program with no local burden to taxpayers. These helicopters have been retrofitted and are now in service.

Bell helicopter Bell helicopter flying over downtown Nashville Aerial view of downtown Nashville and Police helicopter

The helicopters have special search equipment including Sunburst 15 million candlepower search lights, moving map systems, and F.L.I.R. brand (forward looking infrared) color camera systems with microwave downlinks. The F.L.I.R. systems provide the crew with night vision (thermal imaging) and digital recording capabilities. The pilots also utilize Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) while conducting missions during darkness.

Helicopter interior - equipment
Helicopter flying above road Helicopter flying over building

The MNPD Aviation Unit attends several public demonstrations each year. The MNPD helicopters are seen at various events including MNPD Shoney’s 5K, Special Operations Division Open House, Nashville Night Out Against Crime, and various other community events at schools and community centers.

Helicopter set down in the middle of the street with people standing around it Helicopter hovering above road behind police car Three officers and two K9s standing in front of two police cars and a police helicopter

Special Operations Division Open House, May 2016

Police helicopter at public demonstration Police helicopter at public demonstration Police helicopter at public demonstration

Shoney's 5K 2016

Police helicopter flying at public demonstration

Additional helicopter photos

Closeup of helicopter in flight Another view of helicopter flying over building

MNPD Wings badge

Division Motto

Duty, Integrity, Professionalism
Special Operations Division

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