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Police Department

Metro Nashville Police Department Manual

Consistent with the Charter of the City of Nashville, Section 8.203, the Chief of Police hereby establishes The Manual of the Metropolitan Police Department of Nashville-Davidson County, TN and shall hereafter be referred to as "the Department Manual" or therein as the “Manual.” It is, and shall be, a composite of current policies, procedures, and rules pertaining to the department, as established under previously existing Department orders, manuals, and approved practices. It describes the Department's organizational structure and lists the responsibilities and functions thereof. All employees of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department are responsible for reviewing and following directives and provisions contained therein.

To the extent that Department Manual may contain provisions more restrictive than state or federal law, such provisions are not intended, nor may they be construed or applied, to create a basis for liability against the City or any of its employees.

Finally, the Department Manual is only a part of the direction provided to employees. Communication that is directive in nature from supervisory or management personnel and departmentally provided training has the same authority as written policy.

Below is a link to the Current Metro Nashville Police Department Manual. Although it may be occasionally supplemented or have portions temporarily updated by Roll Call Training documents, it includes all current Department policies. The manual will be updated periodically as new policies are implemented.

Metro Nashville Police Department Manual

Roll Call Training - Manual Revisions

Date Manual Reference Section Subject
3/23/2021 Department Manual, 8.20, Clothing and Equipment Authorized External Body Armor Carrier & Polo Style Uniform Shirt
2/24/2021 Not available or not applicable Taser Inspection and Storage
2/10/2021 Department Manual, 8.20.070, Uniform Components, F. Other Headwear Religious Head Covering for Sworn Employees
12/22/2020 Department Manual, 4.10.400 Department Cooperative Interaction Community Oversight Board (COB) - MOU
12/11/2020 Department Manual, Roll Call Training and Training Materials Department Policies, Procedures, and Training, and the #8CantWait Principles
12/8/2020 Department Manual, Search Warrant, 5.10.030, 5.10.040, and 5.10.050 Search Warrants
7/20/2020 Not listed Employees to Report Communications with Federal Immigration Authorities
7/17/2020 TCA 38-8-113 and Department Manual 11.10 generally, and 11.10.020(S) Neck Restraint Techniques
6/11/2020 Various Provisions Department Manual, 1.20, 1.30,4.10, 4.20, et al Duty To Intervene
2/25/2020 Department Manual 8.30 Body Worn Camera and In-Car Camera Systems-Policy for Pilot Program
2/6/2020 Department Manual, 4.10.400 Department Cooperative Interaction with Community Oversight Board: Memorandum Of Understanding
1/10/2020 Department Manual 4.30 Department Form 150 Secondary Employment Request Revision Date 1/2020
1/2/2020 Department Manual 11.10 Use of Force and Department Form 108, Use of Force Report Revised Department Manual 11.10 Use of Force and Department Form 108, Use of Force Report
11/14/2019 Department Manual 18.20 Traffic Crash Investigation and Rreporting and 18.70 Driving Under The Influence Arrest Crash Investigation and DUI Reminders
11/7/2019 Department Manual, 15.10.180 "Call-Out" Guidelines for Investigative and Support Elements Call-Out Guidelines Sex Crimes and Youth Services
9/1/2019 Department Manual, 11.10.180 Force Review Board Force Review Board Membership
8/15/2019 Department Manual 4.10 Discipline and Corrective Action Department Mediation Program for Minor Complaints
7/15/2019 Department Manual, 12.30 Management and Utilization of Automated Systems Update to TIES/NCIC Requirements
7/1/2019 Department Manual Various Sections Medical Examiner’s Office and Death Response
6/1/2019 Department Manual, 4.30.110 Use of Departmental Vehicles for Secondary Employment Use of Departmental Vehicles for Secondary Employment
2/8/2019 Department Manual 4.20.040 Personal Behavior Deportment and Personal Appearance: 4.20.040 Personal Behavior
2/6/2019 Department Manual 12.30.060 Specific Provisions Management and Utilization of Automated Systems: 12.30.060 Specific Provisions
1/15/2019 Department Manual 15.10: Call-Out Guidelines for Investigative and Support Elements Investigative and support element call out timelines for sexual assault victims
1/1/2019 Pending 8.10.070 De-escalation and Display of Firearm Reporting

The Department Manual is maintained by the Strategic Development Division.