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Parks and Recreation
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Cultural Arts Contact Information

Superintendent of Cultural Arts:
Sherry Hipps
Office: 615-862-8400
Extension: 72706

Dance Office: 615-862-8439
Dance Supervisor: Kathryn Wilkening
Extension: 28439

Music Office: 615-862-8440
Music Supervisor: Sam Frazee
Extension: 72705
Program Coordinator: Mike Teaney
Extension: 72708

Theater Office: 615-880-2281
Theater Supervisor: Meredith Daniel
Extension: 72707
Specialized Skills Instructor: Samantha Drapeaux
Extension: 72740
Specialized Skills Instructor: Kirk Brown

Visual Arts: 615-862-8442
Visual Arts Supervisor: Joshua Wagner
Specialized Skills Instructor:
Didi McCollum

Staff Directory

Brown, Kirk
Technical Director
Drapeaux, Samantha
Artistic Coordinator
Eliason, Katie
Specialized Skills Instructor
Frazee, Sam
Supervisor - Music and Theater Divisions
Heilman, Christen
Specialized Skills Instructor
McCollum, Didi
Centennial Art Center Staff
Teaney, Mike
Music Program Coordinator
Wagner, Joshua
Visual Arts Supervisor
Wilkening, Kathryn
Dance Division Supervisor