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Parks and Recreation

Hiking Trails

Take a hike! Metro Park has miles of hiking trails. Therefore, grab your boots and hit the trail! Contact or visit one of our nature centers for more information about trails, maps, and guided hikes.

Hiking Trail Locations and Maps

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Warner Park

Warner Park offers nine hiking trails including 12 miles of trail and four trailheads. Percy Warner Park Trail Maps and Edwin Warner Park Trail Maps are available at the Nature Center trailhead. Contact the Warner Park Nature Center at 615-352-6299 for more information.

Beaman Park

Beaman Park offers three hiking trails including over 14.6 miles of trail and three trailheads. Beaman Park Trail Maps are available at the Nature Center trailhead. Contact the Beaman Park Nature Center at 615-862-8580 for more information.

Bells Bend Park

Bells Bend Park offers a 2.3-mile loop trail, several old farm road trails, and two trailheads. Bells Bend Trail Maps are available at the Nature Center trailhead. Contact the Bells Bend Outdoor Center at 615-862-4187 for more information.

Shelby Bottoms

Shelby Bottoms offers a variety of trails including approximately five hiking trails, five miles of multiuse, accessible paved trails, and three trailheads. Shelby Bottoms Trail Maps are available at the Nature Center trailhead. Contact the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center at 615-862-8539 for more information.

Hiking Trail Rules

Help Protect our Parks. Follow the rules!

You Are Entering a Sensitive Natural Area:

  • Respect and protect wildlife and all natural features.
  • Stay on designated trails—taking shortcuts causes damage.
  • Put litter in its place. Pack it in, pack it out, recycle!
  • Pets must be on a leash not exceeding six feet.
  • Protect water quality by picking up pet waste.
  • Motorized vehicles prohibited on all trails.
  • Horse-riding and cyclists prohibited on hiking trails.

Safety is Our Priority:

  • Enjoy the Parks with a friend.
  • Leave valuables at home.
  • Take car keys with you.
  • Cell phones might not have service in some areas.
  • Watch the weather.
  • Watch for high water in low areas.
  • Alcoholic beverages and drugs prohibited.
  • Weapons and hunting are prohibited.
  • No collecting of plants, wildlife, or other features without a permit.
  • Contact the Park Police at 615-880-3429 or 911 for an emergency.

Parks and trails are open daily from dawn to dusk.

NashVitality App

The NashVitality app is a mobile guide to a healthy, active, and green lifestyle in Nashville. Inside this app there are interactive maps for all types of activities including walking, hiking, biking, water access, and much more. In addition, learn about how to be greener with tools such as where to recycle or what incentives are available to be more energy efficient. Every section of the app has the "Explore Near Me" option which when clicked displays all category results in your immediate vicinity.