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Adult Co-ed Hockey Leagues

Fall Session

The Fall session will begin September 6, 2019.

Individual players wanting to join a team may register anytime to be on the free agent list. Go to and enter league name "Centennial Sportsplex." Then, "register now" for the league that best represents your skill level. The list is distributed to the team captains. Current teams looking to pick up players to fill out their rosters will consult this list. You do not pay until you are picked up by a team. Spots for individual players are not guaranteed upon registering. The Centennial Sportsplex does not assign players to teams. You can register for the free agent list at anytime as it carries over from season to season. If you are wanting to register for the Fall session you can register now for the Summer session free agent list and it will carry over to the Fall session.

Fall Leagues

  • 35 and Over League - Wednesday night league (35 and over all skill level)
  • Women's Open League - Sunday nights (all skill levels)
  • Upper A League - Sunday afternoon/night league (elite/advanced level)
  • Lower A League - Tuesday night league (advanced level)
  • Upper B League - Monday night league (intermediate level)
  • Lower B League - Thursday/Friday/Saturday night league (intermediate/advanced beginner league)
  • Upper C League - Friday/Saturday/Sunday afternoon/night (advanced beginner level)
  • Middle C League - Friday/Saturday/Sunday afternoon/night (beginner/advanced beginner level)
  • Lower C League - Friday/Saturday/Sunday afternoon/night (beginner level)

Adult Hockey Forms

Centennial Sportsplex Adult Hockey League Rules

Schedules, Stats, and Standings

Hosted by: sPortability

Game Format

  • One hour, ten minutes of ice time, three-minute warm-up.
  • Three 20-minute periods running clock or 14 minutes stop clock.
  • 3rd period is adjusted to end when the ice time ends.
  • Two minute 3 v 3 overtime followed by shootout if there is a tie at the end of regulation.

League Rules

  • NO checking
  • NO fighting
  • Blueline icing, no centerline
  • Slapshots are allowed but must remain below the crossbar (B and C division)
  • High shots are whistled dead with a face off outside the attack zone (B and C division)
  • Players must be registered and may only play for the team whose roster they are on
  • Tripping is automatic when diving or otherwise leaving the feet, regardless of contacting the puck first (B and C divisions)
  • Intentional contact in the final five minutes of a game will result in ejection and a game misconduct


  • Helmet, gloves, and shin guards are required.
  • Full equipment, particularly face shield, strongly recommended.


  • Minor: 2:00 minutes, Major: 5:00 minutes, Misconduct: ejected from game.
  • A five-minute Major in the final five minutes of a game will result in a game misconduct and automatic one-game suspension.
  • Any player receiving three penalties in one game will be ejected from the game.
  • Fighting penalties will result in an automatic three-game suspension.
  • Further suspensions are determined by the Hockey League Director.

Team Roster

  • Minimum of ten skaters plus one goalie.
  • Players may not be on more than one roster per league.
  • The Sportsplex reserves the right to assign players to the appropriate league.

For more information, contact Matt Oberbreckling