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Dog ParksNashville Dog Park

Walking and playing with one’s dog has long been among the most popular reasons to visit a Metro Nashville park. While leashed dogs are welcome in all Metro Parks, Metro’s Dog Parks are a great place for dogs to exercise, socialize and play. Dog owners may derive similar benefits!

Dog Management Information and Dog Park Rules

Dog Management on Park Property- (from Park Board Policy Manual)
Dog Management on Park Property
Nashville's Canine Clean-Up Campaign -The Tail of a Clean City!

Dog Off-Leash Hours Trial Study Sites in Metro Parks

In an effort to evaluate new approaches to providing opportunities for park visitors to enjoy the outdoors with their pets, Metro Parks will be conducting a study of pet leash-free hours at three different park locations. Beginning June 1 and ending November 30, 2015, from sunrise until 8:00 a.m. daily, visitors may enjoy these areas with their unleashed pet. During this trial study, Metro Parks is requesting feedback from park users on the program. Please send your written comments via email to: or call 615-880-1888.

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Trial Program Locations

Trial off-leash hours will be from sunrise until 8:00 a.m. at the following parks:

  • Bells Bend Park (excluding nature center grounds and mountain bike trail)
  • Edwin Warner Park (areas west of Old Hickory Blvd and south of Hwy 100, excluding the nature center grounds, picnic areas, playgrounds, athletic fields and greenway trail)
  • Peeler Park (excluding boat launch area)

Trial Program Rules

Participants in the trial off-leash hours program must adhere to the following rules:

  • Handlers assume all responsibility for any damages or injuries caused by their dog(s)
  • Dogs must remain leashed outside of designated off-leash zones and hours
  • No more than two dogs per handler are permitted at one time in off-leash area
  • All dogs must have proof of current required vaccinations
  • Handlers must have their dog(s) under control at all times
  • Any dog chasing/injuring wildlife, digging or creating a disturbance for other visitors must be leashed and removed from the area
  • Handlers must clean up all waste from their dog(s) and remove it from the area
  • Dogs in heat are not permitted in off-leash areas
  • Dogs displaying aggressive behavior must be leashed and removed from the area  immediately

Parks Evaluation of Trial Program

During this trial period, Parks will conduct on-going evaluation of this program by:
  • Reviewing public comments submitted to the special email account and the comment line at 615-880-1888.
  • Collecting and monitoring related incident and accident reports
  • Monitoring trail corridors and surrounding areas for impacts including animal waste, digging, and disturbance of wildlife ground nesting/burrowing sites

Dog Park Hours and Locations

Warner Dog Park

Hours: Dawn to dusk.
Edwin Warner Park, 50 Vaughn Road
Across from the sports complex
Warner Dog Park Map

Shelby Dog Park

Hours: Dawn to 8:00 PM.
Shelby Avenue at S. 20th Street
Behind the Shelby Park Community Center
Shelby Dog Park Map

Centennial Dog Park

Hours: Dawn to 8:00 PM.
2500 West End Avenue
On Flag Pole Hill
Centennial Dog Park Map

Pitts Dog Park

Hours: Dawn to Dusk
299 Tusculum Road
Pitts Dog Park Map

Two Rivers Dog Park

Hours: Dawn to Dusk
3150 McGavock Pike
Two Rivers Dog Park Map