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Parks and Recreation

Dog Parks

Walking and playing with one’s dog has long been among the most popular reasons to visit a Metro Nashville park. While leashed dogs are welcome in all Metro Parks, Metro’s Dog Parks are a great place for dogs to exercise, socialize and play. Dog owners may derive similar benefits!

Nashville Dog Park

Policies Related to Dog Management in Metro Parks

3000.32 Dog Management on Park Property

The Metropolitan Board of Parks and Recreation has established goals and policies to accommodate recreational opportunities for dog owners and their pets on municipal park property within the framework of the Board’s Mission Statement.

All Metro Parks will be “dog friendly” subject to Park Board rules, regulations, and policies. It is the responsibility of dog owners and custodians of dogs to ensure that they are in compliance with these conditions when they visit and enjoy Metro Parks and Greenways with their pets.

  1. The use of Metro Park property and facilities by dog owners, custodians of dogs, and their pets will be subject to the Department’s “core service” conditions that promote safety and quality of recreational experiences for all Nashville residents and visitors who share park resources. The intent of related Park Board policies is to make safety the highest priority in providing dog management on park property. The primary goals of dog management on park property are:
    1. Strict compliance with the leash law
    2. Strict compliance with regulation regarding removal of dog waste
    1. “VISITOR RESPONSIBILITIES” will be posted at all Metro Dog Parks.
    2. Use of the dog park will be at the user’s risk.
    3. Disposal of dog waste, in the provided trash receptacles, is required.
    4. Dogs must be wearing current rabies and identification tags at all times.
    5. Dogs must be leashed before entering and leaving the fenced area.
    6. Dogs that become aggressive must be leashed and removed from the park immediately. Users are legally responsible for injuries inflicted by their dog. Metro Parks reserves the right to impose limitations, including restricting access to the Metro Parks, for any aggressive dog and its handler.
    7. Park users must have a leash on hand for each dog at all times.
    8. For safety reasons, children under the age of 10 years are prohibited from entering the fenced area of the dog park. All minors must be supervised by an adult.
    9. The following are not permitted in Metro Dog Parks:
      1. Any dog that exhibits or has a history of aggressive behavior
      2. Female dogs in heat
      3. Puppies under four months of age
      4. Dogs without handler supervision
      5. Dog food, human food or glass containers
      6. Spiked collars
      7. More than two dogs per handler
      8. Dog grooming
    10. The designated use of the Metro Dog Parks will be for individual dog handlers and their pets. Organized activities and events such as shows, competitions, pet adoptions, organized training and fundraisers are prohibited.

Dog Park Hours and Locations

Warner Dog Park

Hours: Dawn to Dusk
Edwin Warner Park, 50 Vaughn Road
Across from the sports complex
Warner Dog Park Map

Shelby Dog Park

Hours: Dawn to Dusk
Shelby Avenue at S. 20th Street
Behind the Shelby Park Community Center
Shelby Dog Park Map

Centennial Dog Park

Hours: Dawn to Dusk
2500 West End Avenue
On Flag Pole Hill
Centennial Dog Park Map

Pitts Dog Park

Hours: Dawn to Dusk
299 Tusculum Road
Pitts Dog Park Map

Two Rivers Dog Park

Hours: Dawn to Dusk
3150 McGavock Pike
Two Rivers Dog Park Map

Percy Priest Dam Dog Park

Hours: Dawn to Dusk
3778 Bell Road
Percy Priest Dam Dog Park Map

Fair Park Dog Park

300 Raines Ave
Hours: Dawn to Dusk
Fair Park Dog Park Map