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Special Events Permit Application


Event Operations

Is there a specific area or venue within this park where you want to host your event? Provide details.

Event Components

Please check all items below that apply to your event and include any additional details in the space provided.

Terms and Conditions

Instructions, terms, and conditions for Parks Facilities Usage

Please download/print the above document. Please read this document and each of the conditions below. After reading everything, please click the checkboxes and put your name in the box above the submit button to acknowledge and agree to all conditions.

1. The discovery of false or misleading information regarding the applicant or the described event activities on this application will result in the rejection of the application, revocation of approval of use of the park property and / or denial of future request to access park property.

2. Please note that there is no staking policy enforced within Centennial, Public Square and Hall Of Fame Parks. The only tents permitted at these Metro Parks venues will be frame tents that are secured with surface ballast or tents that do not require staking. Violation of this policy will result in civil action to recoup any damages to the grounds, fiber optic and / or irrigation system.

3. Permits will not be granted to any vendor with a past due balance to Metro Parks or Metro Park Police. Past due balances must be paid in full, without exception, before new applications will be accepted. A deposit may be required on fees associated with new events.

4. It is the permit holder's responsibility to immediately contact Park Police once an event date has been approved by Metro Parks staff. Permit holders must hire Park Police officers or hire an approved security company to provide an action plan for the event that is preapproved by the Park Police or their designee. (b.) Park Police have the right to determine the suitability of any firm providing protection for an event; (c.) will be given the first right of refusal for any event held on park property.

5. Routes for all run or walk events in Metro Parks must be reviewed and approved by Park staff before a final special event permit is issued.

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